First Casino in The World

The very, very first one!

Casinos. A venue dedicated to gambling, as well as drinking, splashing the cash and having a generally good time, be it by yourself or with friends. There’s now an abundance of casinos world wide, with places such as Las Vegas sporting entire strips filled with casinos. Gambling has become a huge part of 21st century life- even if you’re not in a casino, you can be on your phone playing on BGO Casino, entering a raffle, playing bingo or even the lottery is all a gamble, and it’s all something we enjoy. But where did it all begin?

The First One

A lot of ancient history is filled with myths, tales and stories that feature games of chance heavily- today, we would refer to this as gambling, so it makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly when gambling came to be. However, it is easier to mark when the first casino came to be. Although it was not called a casino but a “gambling house”, it meets the definition of what we refer to as a casino- this was the Casino di Venezia in Venice, Italy which was opened way back when in 1638. The casino has managed to stand the tests of time and is still in operation today!

…Or Was It?!

There is of course, some dispute, over whether it was the first ever casino to be built, as many others were built around the same sort of time also in Venice, but the Casino di Venezia is the only one with a trackable date and is therefore referred to as the first casino ever to be built. As mentioned before, it still runs today, with some of the original architecture still standing, making it a great attraction for tourists in Italy. It may not be the biggest casino, but it is the oldest casino you can visit, although this doesn’t mean that it offers only old gambling games- the casino offers a great range of modern day games and slot machines too, with two separate rooms for French games and American games.

Visiting Today

The casino now operates like any other ordinary casino, open from 11am until 2:45am, staying open slightly later on a Saturday night until 3:15am. After 4pm, it is essential to dress in smart clothing, a jacket is required. Entry to the casino costs 5 euros, and only people over the age of 18 may enter. It is illegal for anybody under this age to be let into a casino, much like anywhere else. There’s a free water taxi that can transport you to the casino which is a bargain in comparison with the price of other water taxis around Venice.