The First Casino in Australia

It’s not as old as some of the others…

The world of casino gambling includes a lot of great locations where people can go to engage in a little betting. If you want to talk history, then you have a lot of firsts in casino gambling to cover. One of these is the question of where the first casino is located in a variety of different gambling centers and countries. For Australia, their first casino came with the Wrest Point Hotel Casino.


The Wrest Point Hotel Casino was the first casino to open in Australia which held legal statues, and it is still in operation today. This casino is located near Hobart, Tasmania in Australia and part of the reason that it opened was to help attract tourism to the region.

This casino hotel is a 17-floor structure that has more than 250 rooms for the guests. Gamblers can engage in a variety of different gaming options with a casino floor that offers machine games and tables.

Along with the casino and the hotel, there are also entertainment options and establishments for food and beverages. For entertainment, Hobart has venues that feature shows from some of the top acts in music and comedy. For dining, the Wrest Point is home to five restaurants and six bars.

In addition to this, there is also a convention center that was later added to the building.


Prior to being the first casino in Australia, the Wrest Point was already in existence as the Wrest Point Riviera Hotel. With a design by Keith Wildman, the hotel was originally opened in 1939. It was later sold to Federal Hotels, a hotel group in Australia, in 1956.

The Federal Group first started their efforts to obtain licensing for a casino in the 1960s. The company promoted the idea that legalized gambling could help to put Hobart on the map as a tourist destination and the officials put serious efforts into lobbying lawmakers.

Once a referendum allowing for the license passed the government, the work on the casino began. The construction included the 17-story hotel building that is still the tallest structure in the city today. Being the tallest building and having a distinct architecture, the hotel tower is nationally recognized as landmark of Hobart.

The casino finally opened as the Wrest Point Hotel Casino in 1973 and it has been in operation ever since. The Wrest Point has undergone some expansions since it opened, including a conference center that was finished in 1984, and a boardwalk that opened in 1996.

Interesting Facts

The Wrest Point Hotel Casino was such a success that it led to the opening of a series of other casinos, not only in Hobart, but all over the country.

Currently, Australia has a variety of different casinos that are all over the continent, but the Wrest Point Hotel Casino paved the way for all of these gaming establishments. Being the first in the country, that makes it pretty important for the history of Australian gaming. However, the best part of this story is that the Wrest Point is still open and operating to this day, so if you like casino gambling, you can still take advantage of the opportunity to play at this historic location.