The First Ever Casino to Accept Bitcoin

Now that 2017 has hit we are discovering that things like Bitcoin have become more and more important and influential. This has even held to the influx of Bitcoin casinos being established, and many older casinos starting to accept Bitcoin as a currency. This is crucial for casinos in a lot of ways, because it helps you attract a more modern customer base, and it improves security and safety.

Looking at the number of online casinos these days, you will notice that more and more of them are starting to accept Bitcoin payments. This might lead you to wonder who the first ever casino was to actually start accepting the cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Well, there is cause for debate here, and it’s not as simple a question as it might appear to be.

The reason for this revolves around the complexities of Bitcoin, as well as how the casino world works. For example, Vera & John, licensed in Malta, have laid claims as being the first online casino to accept Bitcoin. And, in a sense, this is true because they are the first licensed casinos to begin accepting BTC. However, before they started to make waves in the market, there was another site that actually beat them to it.

SatoshiDice, or MegaDice as it is now known, was the first site to start accepting Bitcoin payments. It was also the first site to enjoy a big buyout for a Bitcoin company, making them an even more important and relevant site in the world of Bitcoin gambling.

The difference is that SatoshiDice uses Bitcoin as the basis for bets. They use the block chain to prove that best are fair and that everything is safe. But, in terms of actual licensed casinos, Vera & John have beaten them to the punch with that. They actually allow customers to pay to play existing games using Bitcoin, and that’s the difference.

In the UK, the casino NetBet has laid claim to being the first licensed UK online casino to accept Bitcoin. Last year they licensed a cryptocurrency service that allowed players to choose Bitcoin as a payment option, in much the same way that Vera & John did.

It’s clear that, in the future, many more casinos are going to follow suit. We are sure to see a lot of casinos accepting Bitcoin payments, or, even creating specific Bitcoin casinos. This is something you should keep an eye on to make sure you always have somewhere to spend your BTC.