The First Lottery Winner

The first ever winner of the National Lottery jackpot was Ken Southwell, a dad of three, back in 1994. Like most lottery winners, Ken Southwell had absolutely no idea that he would win the lottery; he didn’t even select numbers with a meaning to him, or that he felt were ‘lucky.’ He just picked at random and waited to see. To his shock and happiness, he was the winner- the first ever winner- of the National Lottery jackpot and won himself £839,254. While this might not seem like a big jackpot to us now when the lottery first started this was an incredible amount.

In celebration of his win, Ken took to his local pub with his friends, who all pitched in to buy a keg of lager. Ironically, Ken had to borrow £10 from a friend to be able to chip in himself, as his winnings hadn’t come through yet. However, the friend who helped him out was incredibly lucky, as Ken chose to pay him back with a luxurious holiday to the Carribean!

Southwell was pretty sensible with his winnings. While he and his family did indulge in some treats, he chose to invest most of his winnings in stocks, shares and expensive properties. By doing so, he managed to double his fortune- and then increase it even more.

Sadly, Southwell died in 2012 after suffering a severe brain tumor. He hosted a farewell party at the local pub where the lottery winnings celebrations first began when he realized that he was dying and everyone celebrated Ken’s life. His fortune has been left behind to his family and will continue to provide for his wife and three children for a long time to come.